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Joseph Tyler Hempsey

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Specialties: While I am open to and confident in working with all ages & populations, a focus and passion of mine are young adults. Young adults that are seeking a higher quality of life, looking to better understand their emotions, process past traumas, manage/reduce anxiety, manage/reduce depression, keep stable moods, and clearly identify their short & long-term therapy goals - aimed toward building lifelong confidence and self-esteem.


I have experience working with clients who have struggled with; anxiety disorders, depression, adjustment disorders, interpersonal/relationship difficulties, substance use issues, bipolar disorders, dissociative disorders, PTSD, and schizophrenia.


Style of therapy: My approach to therapy involves a mixture of techniques ranging from: a person-centered approach; motivational interviewing; cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT); solution-focused therapy; and reality therapy. A main focus is meeting my clients where they are, building authentic rapport, trust, and a quality therapeutic relationship with the goal to understand my client thoroughly along with their current struggles. Once established and goals are identified, motivational interviewing, CBT, and solution-focused therapy are applied in session aimed for the client to begin gaining more insight, to become more mindful, more deliberate with their thoughts, emotions, and be able to effectively utilize learned coping skills outside of session. Then, reality therapy is implemented with the goal to instill an understanding of accountability, responsibility, insight, and self-discipline to create lifelong positive changes in their moods, relationships, perspectives, and behavior.


My passion for the human mind, mental health, and serving others directed me into the path of becoming a licensed therapist. I believe that a safe, private, ethical, and professional environment to explore, process, and better understand oneself will always benefit that individual.

Immaculata University – 2012 – 2016 – Bachelor’s in Psychology

Immaculata University – 2016 – 2019 – Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

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